Frequently asked questions by the house owners

Can I use my holiday destination for my own purposes?

Yes. If there are no bookings, you are free to use your destination as long as you notify Yllas Travel of when it will be occupied. We hope that you avoid making bookings for yourself during peak seasons in order to achieve the best possible sales result.

Can Yllas Travel guarantee sales results?

The number of bookings is affected by many factors, such as the destination's level of equipment, price, size and location. In the final analysis, customers make their own decisions on where they choose to vacation. Yllas Travel will not guarantee sales results, but we will of course do our utmost to achieve good results.

What if I'm unhappy with how my holiday destination sells?

If this is the case, we'll cooperate with you to identify the reasons for poor sales. Lack of customers can be due to, for example, unattractive interior decoration, excessive rent or bad photographs.

Can I terminate the contract faster than with the 6-month term of notice?

Yes. If we have to book new destinations for customers, we'll charge you for the costs this causes. We will also invoice you the contractual termination fee (penalty clause).

Can I assign my destination both to Yllas Travel and some other brokerage concurrently?

If you offer your holiday destination for rent via some other agency, please remember that Yllas Travel must always be informed of the current booking situation to avoid double bookings. Yllas Travel showcases destinations through its online service, which means that they have to be available for real-time booking.

Can I send you photographs for publication online?

Yes. It would be good if you supplied us with recent photos of your holiday destination and its surroundings. Up to 20 photos per destination can be published on the Lomarengas online service. We update photos once a year on average. E-mail the photos to us. Most file formats will do, but we prefer JPG files. If you send several photos in one message, please ensure that the message size does not exceed 10 MB. A single message can accommodate 4-6 uncompressed pictures taken with a typical digital camera.

Can I update my destination's description myself?

You will not have direct editing access to the text, but you can submit updated or fresh information to Yllas Travel. We will update the description on your behalf and also handle translations into other languages.

Can I offer special prices or change prices myself?

The Yllas Travel pricing model takes different seasons into account. Prices are higher during the winter ski holiday and in June-August, for example, than they are in May or in September. You can change the pricing applied to your destination in cooperation with Yllas Travel.

Can I store my private belongings at the holiday destination?

Yes, but you must store all personal items in a locked room. Items such photographs, clothing, towels, spices, foodstuffs, personal-hygiene detergents, etc., should not be stored in view of customers at a rentable holiday destination.

Does Yllas Travel provide maintenance services or a key handover service?

We do not, but in most cases we are able to provide contact details for reliable caretakers and key handover services. You must yourself conclude maintenance and key handling service contracts and supply Yllas Travel with contact details for these parties.

Does Yllas Travel provide insurance?

No. You must independently ensure that your holiday destination is adequately insured.

Can I rent my property to Finns only?

If you for some reason would prefer to have only Finnish guests at your destination, it can be showcased solely on the Finnish-language online service of Yllas Travel. This does not guarantee that guests will not include, for example, foreign acquaintances of Finnish people, but at least the majority of customers will then be Finns.

Can I select customers?

The destination description can, if you so desire, include a mention such as “for families only”. This is, however, more of a request than a decree, as customers make most bookings via the Net, which gives Yllas Travel no possibility to control who comes to a cottage.
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Is there a charge on my own bookings?

No. If there are no bookings for your destination, you can reserve it for a private customer by notifying us in writing. A private booking made outside of office hours is considered as made on the next office day. You can register private bookings for unreserved periods through our owner interface at your convenience.

Can Yllas Travel invoice my customers?

Yes. You can have Yllas Travel invoice your private bookings as well. In this case, Yllas Travel will need the customer's invoicing address and other contact details. Yllas Travel grants the owner a 10-15% sales commission in these cases.

When will I be paid for bookings?

The owner of a holiday destination will be paid two weeks after the start date of a booking.

How will Yllas Travel notify me of bookings?

Use the OMAliittymä interface to check the reservation situation at any time. Yllas Travel also notifies owners of bookings in writing by posting a notification of the changed reservation situation on a weekly basis or by sending an immediate e-mail notification of a booking. Notification of last-minute bookings (arrival in less than 7 days) will also be made by telephone.

Who will compensate me if customers break things or something gets stolen?

Customers are themselves responsible for damages they cause to a holiday destination. Customers must immediately notify the caretaker or owner of any damages. Customers are liable to pay compensation for damages they cause directly to the caretaker or owner of the holiday destination.

The amount of compensation must be settled on site. It is not possible to verify the grounds for a compensation claim made afterwards, making it difficult or impossible to hold the customer liable. However, should you decide to issue a compensation claim afterwards, it is a good idea to gather backing evidence in the form of, for example, photographs.

Can I collect a security deposit even though there is no mention of it in the destination description?

Yes. The terms of booking entitle the caretaker or owner to collect a €150 security deposit from the customer on arrival to ensure that he or she fulfils contractual obligations and as collateral against possible damages. You may collect a security deposit that is larger than this, but the destination description must include a mention of a deposit requirement that exceeds €150.

What if my language skills are not sufficient to handle my customers?

Yllas Travel will help you if possible. You can call our customer service desk or, on peak-season weekends, an on-call adviser when a problematic situation arises. We recommend that you get an interpreter to help you with frequently recurring situations such as the receiving of guests.

Must a holiday destination be equipped with a cot bed, feeding chair, life vests, etc.?

It is good if you can supply a cot bed and feeding chair for small children on request. It is not, however, necessary for every destination to be permanently equipped with such items. The same applies to life vests. If requested, you will need to be able to supply life vests for the boat's carrying capacity, with children's sizes also available.

May I mow the lawn when customers are occupying the cottage?

Yes, but do so causing a minimal amount of disruption. It is a good idea to notify guests of such plans already when they arrive; let them know, for example, that the lawn will be mowed on Wednesday morning and it will take about 30 minutes.

What if customers don't tell me when they will arrive?

Customers are instructed to announce their time of arrival beforehand, but many fail to do so regardless. Customers typically arrive between 4pm and 6pm. If necessary, call the customer and ask when they think they'll get there. If you cannot reach the customer and there is no sight of him or her, you are not required to wait around indefinitely. You can leave a note on a visible spot requesting the customer to call you.

What if the customer announces that he or she will arrive at 12 noon and the previous guests are still there?

You do not need to allow customers into the destination before 4pm. Just politely ask them to wait. Under no circumstances should you allow an early-arrival into a destination that has not been tidied up.

What if the customers don't show up at all?

If the customers don't show up even on the next day, you absolutely must notify Yllas Travel. We will find out what has happened and keep you up to date.

Can I allow customers to bring a dog/cat in exceptional circumstances even though a pet ban applies at the cottage?

Many customers have allergies and favour cottages that do not allow pets. This is why pets should not be permitted at destinations, which apply a no-pets policy.

What is included in the bed linen package?

Customers may pre-order a bed linen package (starting from €10 per person), which includes sheets, a pillowcase, bath towel and a hand towel. You do not need to make the beds.

What is the passenger card?

The passenger card is an official form. The law states that the destination's owner is responsible for collecting, storing and forwarding passenger cards. We always send customers passenger cards with their invoice in advance. It is, however, possible that customers forget their cards and it is therefore a good idea to keep some on hand at the cottage.

If you meet the customer when handing over the key, you can give them the card and ask them to fill it either immediately or to leave the filled cards at the cottage when they leave. See:

Do I have to inspect the cottage after customers depart and before the next guests arrive?

Yes, absolutely. If customers do not order a departure cleaning service, they are required to tidy the cottage before they leave. The caretaker or owner must always verify the tidiness of the cottage and if necessary clean it on the changeover day. It is most important that guests always arrive to a tidy cottage.

Do I need to buy WC and kitchen roll? What about washing liquids?

Holiday destinations must be supplied with a minimum of 2 rolls of WC paper per toilet. Customers do not always remember to bring all necessary items with them, which is why the destination should have some WC paper. Kitchen rolls are not included in the obligatory supplies. Destinations should be supplied with sufficient quantities of dish-washing detergents for hand and machine wash. Washing detergents as well as cleaning equipment are included in the rent.

Can Yllas Travel send a cleaning invoice to customers afterwards?

The amount of a cleaning invoice to be sent afterwards should be agreed with the customers at the property before they depart. Yllas Travel will not invoice afterwards for cleaning services on behalf of the owner. Any additional invoices will be sent by the caretaker or owner. Lomarengas can assists caretakers and owners in the sending of an invoice to foreign customers, but we cannot guarantee that they will pay the invoice.

Should I meet the customers when they arrive?

The majority of customers would prefer to meet the key supplier, caretaker or owner in person, but there is no obligation to do so. Keys can be delivered to, for example, a key box at the destination. It is most important that customers are given a telephone number through which assistance will be provided when necessary.

The booking notification said that 2 people were coming to the cottage and 4 people turned up?

The maximum capacity of the destination that is announced in the cottage description is decisive – if this number is not exceeded, everything is OK.

There are a lot of extra people at the destination. Can I tell some of them to leave?

A holiday destination may be used my at most the number of people mentioned in its description. Customers must agree in advance with you if they plan to arrange a party or other event during which the maximum number of guests is temporarily exceeded. You are entitled to ask any extra people to leave.

Are customers allowed to bring, for example, tents?

Using tents, caravans or rented equipment such as bathtubs on the site of the holiday destination without your permission is forbidden in the booking terms.

An equipment item like the water pump or water boiler breaks down. How quickly must it be repaired and can the customer demand compensation?

You are liable to compensate the customer for the period during which you have been aware of a fault that has not been rectified. Repair any malfunctioning devices immediately and remember to apologise to the customer for any inconvenience caused.

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

Please contact one of our experts. Together, we can plan how to optimise the marketing of your holiday destination to the domestic and international customers of Yllas Travel and Lomarengas.

Get in touch – contacting us binds you in no way. We will submit a proposal on how to proceed and launch cooperation with Yllas Travel. All of your information will be handled in strict confidence and any decisions regarding follow-up action will be made by You!

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